100 ml Farasha


Indulge in the goodness of Pure Dove with Planets’ Dove. This rich White Floral Scented roll-on fabricates a fun-loving fragrance providing a unique and enthusiastic aroma. Caressed by nature, famous for its own kind, this concentrated perfume oil has a lasting effect. Wearable in either spring or summer suitable for both men and women.

Enjoy luxurious, soothing and elegant scent which goes easy on your pocket. A well-rounded aroma that’s commonly associated with a clean shower lather, making it one of our most sought-after scents in its category. Dive into the clean scent every day no matter where you are.

We take extraordinary care and attention to ensure that all our perfumes meet our high standards of completion, providing the same value as the most expensive perfumes. Using the special ingredients so our scents can last longer.
Type – Perfumes & Fragrances
Fragrance Family – Perfume Oil


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